4 Reasons to Use a Check Cashing Service Instead of a Bank

Choosing Check Cashing Services over a Bank

Why choose check cashing services over a bank?

  • Fees: Check cashing services that are provided by a business do come with a fee. However, these fees are typically clearly posted. While these fees may appear high at times, there are a few things you should consider. First, banks do not directly charge for the check cashing services they provide if you are a member. However, they do charge fees for account maintenance, overdrafts, bounced checks, insufficient balances, and much more. Depending on your net worth, this can mean you pay more in fees and fines to your bank than you would using check cashing services elsewhere.
  • Transparent Policies: As stated above, check cashing services typically clearly display their associated fees. However, this is not so for a bank. Often, fees and penalties are obscured by bank advertisements, limited to the fine print. For example, the ATM at your local gas station may proudly state, “No surcharges!” However, your bank statement may reflect withdraw fees for each transaction you made at that ATM. Why? Because they do charge a fee when using other brand’s ATMs.
  • One-and-Done: When dealing with check cashing services, it is a one-and-done deal. Unlike those monthly fees charged by your bank, once you cash your check, your transaction is complete. This means you do not have to worry about your account balance, hidden costs or recurring charges.
  • Personal Services: At a bank, you are likely just a number. This is not so with a check cashing service. We serve the community and understand how important immediate service is. There is no 24-hour wait to deposit a check. We validate your identification and the check – then process the transaction. It’s money in your hand when you need it.

Benefits of Check Cashing

There are plenty of reasons to cash your check with Fastcash Pawn instead of going to a bank. In addition to the reasons above, cash checking service centers often include other features. At Fastcash Pawn, for example, we buy gold, sell jewelry, loan money and much more.

If you are in the Pawtucket, RI area and find yourself asking, “Is there check cashing near me?” You are in luck. Contact Fastcash today to find out more about our check cashing services.

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