Why you Should be Buying Diamonds at our Pawnshop near Providence, RI

Why you Should be Buying Diamonds at our Pawnshop near Providence, RI

When it comes to buying jewelry, your first visit may be to your local jeweler. However, did you know that Fastcash Pawnshop can offer the same quality diamonds at a fraction of the cost in a similar safe, cleanly, high-end environment? Let’s take a look!

Selecting Your Stone

The stone is the centerpiece of your setting. Finding the right one can be easy with the help of a friendly Fastcash diamond expert. There are a few things you will want to consider regardless of where you buy your stone.

  • Shape: The first thing you should determine is the shape of stone you are looking for. Diamonds come in plenty of shapes and your dream setting may require a specific one. If you are buying for someone and do not know their preference, round and princess cuts are some of our top sellers.
  • Carat: Determining your preferred carat weight is a good second step. It is important to remember, the higher the carat, the higher the cost – however, it does not guarantee overall beauty.
  • Color: In general, diamonds that lack all color are of higher value. A colorless diamond, typically indicated by a D, E or F grading, is going to be your purest. However, near colorless stones (G to I) can be equally as beautiful, with slight hints of yellow or brown that are hard to detect by the naked eye.
  • Clarity: Internal flaws, referred to as inclusions, affect the clarity of your stone. A flawless diamond, which is expensive and rare, will have zero inclusions or blemishes, even when viewed under 10x magnification. Internally flawless (IF), Very Very Slightly Included (VVS1-VVS2), and Very Slightly Included (VS1-VS2) all have flaws or blemishes that are visible under 10x magnification but still provide a beautiful stone. (Our experts recommend you steer clear of imperfect (I1-I3) stones as their flaws can be so significant they actually impact the diamond’s durability!)
  • Cut: The cut is not the same as the shape when it comes to diamonds. In fact, different shapes have different ideal cuts. How so? The cut is related to the pattern of angled surfaces as they relate to the proportions of your stone. The right cut determines that overall sparkling, reflective nature of your diamond and enhances its natural properties. A poor cut, on the other hand, can make your diamond appear dull no matter how you set it.


Budgeting for your dream diamond can seem impossible. (This is especially true if you go through a jewelry store, instead of your local pawnshop!) After you have identified your shape and carat weight, make concessions on the color, clarity and cut to help your stone better fit your budget. If the stone is still too expensive, consider reducing up to 10% of your carat weight for an undetectable difference in appearance that will save you money in the end. Fastcash diamond experts can help find the perfectly budgeted diamond for you!

Trained Professionals at our Pawnshop near you!

Our staff is highly trained in the process of buying and selling diamonds. Shopping at Fastcash will let you cut out the middleman, unlike a jewelry store, which adds on all kinds of hidden fees. Stop by Fastcash Pawnshop near Providence, RI today to speak with a member of our team about how we can build the perfect piece for you. Contact us today!

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